Why Us

To build the wealth management company of the future. We are focused on creating new possibilities for our people to work, learn, develop their careers and contribute to the broader community. At Austen Morris Associates, we are proud of the work environment we have created, a situation that engenders long term relationships and sustained success.

Our unparalleled commitment to training, client support and shared services empowers our people to make a broader contribution to the company and take personal responsibility for driving their careers.

How far do you want to go? With Austen Morris Associates, anything is possible.

Take some time on this site to learn more about our people and careers at Austen Morris Associates. Whether you join us as a consultant, client services team member or business development analyst, we’ll support you to achieve your goals.

Our Culture and Values

Our values are our culture: Trust, Excellence, Integrity.

Above all, we treat others as we would like them to treat us. As is presented in our two leading statements: Manifesto and Code of Conduct.

Reasons To Believe:

- Our strong international brand presence
- Internal marketing department with events and client base building activities
- The international business development team and researchers helping drive your business
- Working from one of our existing offices in China, Africa or the Philippines
- Access to admin support so you can spend more time with clients
- Competitive earnings
- Attend yearly conventions and conferences, incentives and more

Global Leader, Global Reach

Austen Morris Associates is a leading international wealth management company registered in China, Hong Kong, Philippines & South Africa. Working with Austen Morris Associates, you can strengthen your understanding of our global networks with the first-hand experience of different clients, countries and cultures.

In Asia, AMA has a registered presence in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Philippines, delivering market-leading capabilities, financial planning and wealth management services supported by an unparalleled client support infrastructure. Long established in Asia, our client base has grown to thousands located in almost all countries spread across the Asia Pacific region.

In July 2013 Austen Morris Associates established a presence in Johannesburg, South Africa. In November 2015, Austen Morris Associates expanded our presence into Cape Town. Austen Morris Associates Africa’s principal activity focuses on presenting global opportunities to investors across the African continent. AMA’s global network offers a unique chance to expatriates and African nationals to benefit from a wealth of experience combined with a global perspective and local expertise. South Africa is a fully regulated banking and investment market.

26 Year Heritage with a Global Presence and Local Expertise

Austen Morris Associates’ global network offers a unique opportunity for expatriates and African nationals to benefit from a combined and diversified experience of both a global perspective and local expertise. We are offering a plethora of investment opportunities, including regular savings plans, structured notes, and alternative assets investment both locally and overseas.  Benefit from Austen Morris Associates 20 years of experience, unparalleled client servicing and support of investment professionals across the globe.
As global markets increasingly continue to change, Austen Morris Associates can help you navigate this ever-changing international investment landscape. Our investors need to have a broader perspective of how the investment world operates now and in the future.

AMA In The Community

At Austen Morris Associates, we have an essential role to play in the broader community. We take this role very seriously and are proud of our people who work with great passion, energy and commitment for the benefit of the wider community. We offer our people opportunities to make a broader difference to the firm and the broader community through volunteer work or the work of our reconciliation, charity and footprint committees. Because of our people’s contributions, we are proud of the community organisations and people with whom we are associated.